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Here are the mini-bios of all the people Jesse calls friend or family.

Johnny Quick

Johnny Chambers developed a formula that when spoken aloud, gave him a tap into the enrgies of the speedforce, granting him the powers of superspeed and flight. Taking the name Johnny Quick he joined America's WWII superteam the All-Star Squadron.

As a hero, he was regularly observed to be somewhat impulsive and temperamental, but he was still a fine hero, and soon fell in love with Liberty Belle, who loved him in return. The two eventually married and eventually Jesse Chambers was born.

Years later, he wasn't all too happy when Max Mercury convinced his daughter to become a superhero herself, but heallowed her to do so, to let her have her own freedom to decide for herself. During the confrontation between the speedsters and the zealot Savitar, Johnny was killed, and he was taken into the speedforce - the dimension of speed energy all speedsters draw their power from; the dimension he himself never believed in until the final moments.

Liberty Belle

Libby Lawrence was a WWII patriot, highly intelligent, blessed with great leadership ability and superstrength. As leader of the war-time group of super heroes the All-Star Squadron, she helped bring America victory over the axis forces.

And she found some time to fall in love with Johnny Quick and eventually bear his child Jesse Quick.

Jay Garrick (Flash I)

Jay Garrick was the first man to hold the name of Flash. His heroic history was the inspiration for Barry Allen taking the Flash name, and he will always remain the most iconic Flash of them all.

As a full time member of the Justice Society of America, he was a part of every major confrontation the team ever faced including the "death" of the entire team when they became avatars for the Norse gods and held the battle Ragnarok, in order to save the rest of the world from its disastrous effects. While they did die, they eventually got better, and continued to reform now and again, though with age encroaching they weren't quite as spry as they always had been, and during the Zero Hour event, many of them were killed for good, and Jay apparently retired.

Jay could never stay down long, though. Back home living the "retired life" in Keystone City he has been a constant aid to the other speedsters of the area, and been a warrior alongside them on many occasions. During the weeks when Wally retired as Flash after Linda Park's apparent death, Jay became the protector of Keystone City yet again.

Despite his age, he shows himself to remain a highly capable hero and a great asset to all around him. Most recently, he has taken up a place among the newly recreated JSA and fights the good fight alongside friends old and new.

Max Mercury

In 1838 the native American Anwehota was gifted by the speedforce with great and wondrous powers (superspeed), and was even nearly pulled into the speedforce itself. He resisted, and later realized that going into the speedforce could have been the greatest experience ever, and he began a campaign of over two hundred years to try and return to the speedforce. Every attempt, however, has only led to a series of leaps forward in time.

On one such occasion, some time during the 1960's, a wounded Max was taken in by a kind military family. With the husband often away, and an affection growing between he and the wife, the two began an affair. When the affair was discovered, Max ran again, and again leaped forward in time.

In the modern era he has helped bring Jesse into her heroic persona, been a font of speed knowledge to all the speedsters, discovered the affair resulted in his fatherhood, and taken the young speedster Impulse under his wing to train and look after.

Wally West (Flash III)


The Titans

originally formed years ago by Robin, Speedy, Wondergirl, Aqualad and Kid Flash, the team has seen many incarnations, and many members have come and gone. Most recently, during a time when no Titans team existed, the original five members got together and decided to reform the Titans, and to bring an additional new member into the fold - younger, and/or newer heroes that could benefit from learning and working alongside the original five. Flash chose to include Jesse, and so the latest era of the fastest woman alive begins.

Current lineup: Nightwing, Tempest, Arsenal, Troia, Flash, Jesse Quick, Starfire, Cyborg, Argent, Damage.

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