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Here lies the continuing history of the fastest woman alive...


The history of Jesse Quick begins in the 1940's during the second World War. Under the call of President Franklin. D. Roosevelt, the heroes of that era formed together into the largest team of heroes ever in history, and ever since. Led by Libby "Liberty Belle" Lawrence, this All-Atar Squadron battled the forces of Hitler and the forces of Japan and the Third Reich. Another All-Star, Johnny Chambers, AKA Johnny Quick had developed the spoken formula of 3X2(9YZ)4A which allowed him to tap into the dimension known as the Speedforce and use its energies for the powers of superspeed and flight.
The tale of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle's battles against the Axis forces, although wonderful, are unimportant for Jesse's own tale, except for the fact that the two heroes eventually fell in love and at some point created the child Jesse Chambers, our heroine Jesse Quick!


Soon after her introduction to the DCU by Max Mercury, swearing she's "an important player in coming events," Jesse Chambers, Master's Student in Speedsters of Legend comes to the beginning of a long string of assists to the Flash, Wally West. Wally has had a vision of Linda Park, his girlfriend at the time, being killed by a laser blast from Kobra, and only he is fast enough to break the speed of light to save her, but if he does, and in doing so he'll enter the speedforce, he will die. So, trying to defeat fate, Wally assembles all the speedster heroes he knows to assist him in saving Linda and defeating Kobra.

During the course of the mission, Jesse and the others learn the history, or part of the history, of Max Mercury: in 1838, as a native American named Anwehota, Max first encountered the speedforce, and its pull was so strong that he would ever try to regain entrance to it, culminating in many hops forward in time. The other major item of note in the mission's early hours, was that Wally, realizing Impulse is far from ready to take on the Flash mantle when Wally dies, names Jesse his successor.

Together with Bart, she destroys a Kobra installation in Keystone Gardens. Later, she and Flash are the only two to make it past Kobra's newly-erected forcefield around the city. Anguished, Wally reveals that it's Linda, not the city itself, that they're here to save, and that he'll die saving her. He also reveals that he really had no intention of making Jesse the next Flash, but that he did it, used her, to provoke Impulse into being more serious about his role as a hero. Understandably, both Jesse and Bart are left extremely upset by this revelation.

Jesse is wounded shoving Wally clear of a laser that is meant to kill him, instead it strikes her, nearly severing her left leg; the wound is so crippling that she would never be able to run again. Soon after, Wally saves Linda, and then "dies" by entering into the speedforce.

As Kobra forces spread their attacks out across the U.S., and do battle with various other members of the superhero community, Jesse, despite her injuries and inability to run, her flight and superstrength intact, fights on against the forces of Kobra alongside Impulse, Linda and others.

When the heroes, including Jesse, are apparently beaten, Wally returns from the speedforce with a truckload of new powers. Not only does he heal Jesse's leg, but he actually takes a moment to stop Kobra as well. However, in the aftermath of the whole ordeal, Jesse makes sure Wally knows that despite his healing her, it will be quite some time before she can forgive him and move on towards friendship with him.


An unknown being named Savitar robs all the world's speedsters, save the Flash, of their speed powers and bestows the stolen power to his ninja flunkies. Jesse again allies herself with the Flash in order to conquer this evil. With the use of XS' Legion Flight Ring, Jesse joins Wally in an effort to take down Savitar.

Inside Savitar's castle stronghold, Jesse squares off against Christina Alexandrova (the former Lady Flash), a soviet speedster and Savitar's consort. In the midst of the battle, spurred on by threats on her father's life, Jesse is able to destroy the machine used by Savitar to steal the speedsters' powers, allowing all the other sidelined speedsters to enter the fray. Jesse then beats the crud out of Christina, only to be blindsided by Savitar.

During the ensuing battle, Johnny Quick eventually gives his own life in order to help beat Savitar, who soon enters the speedforce and dies as well.


Months later, Max discovers the existence of the entity he calls the Black Flash, and gathers Jesse to help him save Flash from death at this creature's hands. While she initially succeeds, the demon takes Linda Park in Wally's stead and brings her into the speedforce, eventually to return for Wally and any other speedsters to get in its way.

While Wally mourned during the weeks before the Black Flash's return, Jesse took up Wally's duties among the JLA while Jay Garrick took over the protectorship of Keystone City. As a member of the JLA, in the 1-2 months she was among them, she reprograms and shuts down a Manhunter sleeper agent, saves Keystone City from the Captains Boomerang and Cold, and is there to help battle the Black Flash upon its return -- only to be knocked out by an overprotective Max trying to keep her safe from the demon. Wally eventually defeats the demon, and returns from the speedforce with Linda, and after Jesse convinces him to finally take the plunge and marry Linda, the story ends somewhat happily.


Jesse joins Arsenal, Supergirl and Tempest in a mission against Vandal Savage as the villain is moving bombs. All four heroes are incapacitated and placed in nuclear-armed Rocket Red suits, and launched towards various areas of the globe.

With the help of John Fox and Impulse, she is able to defuse her suit and escape. Later, teamed back with Arsenal's squad, she helps destroy Vandal Savage's plans in the present, while other heroes foil him simultaneously in the future.


When Wally learns of Cobalt Blue's plans to murder Flashes all across time, he enlists Jesse and the other speedsters to help him start a speedforce chain letter to all the future Flashes until all the future Flashes are warned of their danger and are assisting in the battle against the Thawnes.

Jesse's first stop: Central City 2764 AD, where she aids then Flash Jace Allen against the Cobalt Blue of that era. During the course of that first battle Jesse is wounded, but she gets better, and continues forward with the mission, warning other Flashes, and joining the culminating battle; the family feud between the Thawnes and the Allens.


When the original Titans decided to get back together again, they each brought one new member with them. As a means to help finally bury the hatchet with Jesse, and help her become a hero in her own right (like she hasn't already), Wally picks Jesse as his addition to the team.

Almost immediately following the team's reformation, the group is attacked by the newly reformed H.I.V.E., and though aided by Superman, it's Jesse's detective skills, quick thinking and leadership which ultimately organizes and wins the day.

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